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Fashion For The Busy Mom – Liverpool Jeans

Just because we are wiping handprints off white walls and using shower heads to wash a filthy dog doesn’t mean we don’t want that women fashion all day. There are those days we feel like ‘yoga pants’, but on most days I want to feel like ‘designer jeans’. I am a Mom of boys and it is easy to lose my identity of being a woman in my everyday life.

As a teenager and young woman I loved girl nights, a night at a club to chat with a cocktail about life and work. Our biggest concern was the hours we can get in at work and what our plans will be for the next weekend. My concerns and plans have changed but my heart is bigger…and my hips and legs a bit. But, I am still a woman and an even stronger woman and I can do the day in style. Liverpool Jeans has that designer look BUT not the designer prices and all the comfort I need to do that jog upstairs when I hear a crash and then silence with a house of boys.

Whether you need a pant like the Riley Cropped pants or shorts on a warm day like the Corine Walking Shorts you will wonder how you might possibly be comfortable in such jeans until you put them on and that Liverpool comfort hits you. I do not feel like I am wearing jeans but I sure have that designer jean look. I say designer because you won’t find these at your big box discount store. These are quality and my local mall outlet carries these but if you take the tag to comparable jeans on the floor by other brands you will love the price points of Liverpool clothing.

We have enough worries in our day. We need comfort at all levels from the random hug by your teenager to clothing that we love to stay in. I am a huge fan of the Liverpool brand and have been sharing about these with all of my Mom friends and you will too. You have to walk, sit and get through a day in these jeans and you will agree that they hit the mark on comfort, look and price. I have been ordering my regular size and they are a true fit but will stretch a tad so if you are in doubt I would try a size down.

Liverpool Jeans are at local boutiques and clothing stores near you. Head to the Liverpool Jeans website and see their store locator for more on where to find the styles in your area. We aren’t JUST Moms, we are FINALLY Moms and we deserve to feel good about ourselves and all levels of comfort around us everyday.

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