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Fame: Russell Wilson book review

I was provided a review copy for feature
by Michael Frizell
I just finished reading the book every little boy (and girl) in this state of Washington will want to own! Fame: Russell Wilson is about the man almost every child looks up to in this state. Seattle loves its sports teams and there have been many great players in our major league sports teams, but it is a few that really stand out most and can captivate his or her fans at any age level. Russell Wilson is that player.
A simple life growing up with sports as a focus, excelling academically and with his athletics, finding a proper college and being close to his Dad. The most important relationship discussed in this book is Russell’s relationship with the Lord. He connected when young and held on to that connection making him balanced and real. Many of the greatest players are simply real like him. He plays ball, never misses his Children’s Hospital visit-he just met my Sister-in-Laws cousin recently as he was finishing chemo for leukemia and to get a visit from Russell on the day he found out he won his leukemia fight was the best announcement he could have seeing as he has spent his Senior year of high school in a hospital.


Everyone knows this about him, we are all proud for him and about him. He maintains that passion with his teammates and as a leader on the field. The kids may see him as a really cool Quarterback who wins a lot of games and has his name on jerseys and teeshirts, but as a parent, we know our children are witnessing a great man. Russell is the example and even the tool we can use as parents to model what reward comes when you live a life that has earned it. To just be close to the Lord, put family first and focus on success in education and everything else seems to fall right into place. That’s the theme you see as you read about Russell’s road to fame.
My son is 7 and was fascinated by the book. Fame: Russell Wilson is a must read for every child-young and old! Order your copy today:
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