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Fabric Steamer versus Ironing – What’s The difference?

Fabric Steamer versus Ironing

Technology is an amazing thing; options of technology is even better! One such piece of equipment is a steamer, the topic of our discussion today. If you’re wondering whether people still use steamers in this day in age, we wonder why people still use irons in this day in age?

There have been some new and innovative designs in this category, one that will make your eyes pop. Not to mention they are so easy to use, and hassle-free when it comes to refilling them with water. If you would like to know how they work, this online source can help you with this information here. But before we jump into those, let’s take a look at the difference between using a steamer over an iron, shall we?

Steamer versus Ironing. Are There Any Differences Between the Two?

One of the main differences between the two devices is the result. How it removes crinkles and wrinkles in clothes. Of course, with ironing, you need an ironing board and an iron, and you press the hot metal part (or the ‘soleplate’) of the appliance onto the clothes to remove any creases. There is an option of using steam in irons, but not all models are equipped with this.

Steaming, on the other hand, is done by hanging a garment on a hanger or stand and running a steamer through it from the top to the bottom, as opposed to laying it down horizontally, and the heat from the steam produces a pressure that removes creases in clothes. This is a better way for when you especially have delicate garments as it is a gentler process. You cannot use this on materials that tend to melt due to high heat, for example, suede. 

There is no preference over each other, to be honest. The one you choose will depend on your clothes, or lifestyle. Although we do need to mention a few advantages to using this appliance over a flat iron. 

Four Other Advantages Besides Removing Creases

1. Depending on the type of material, most high-power steamers can get rid of bed bugs, up to three-quarter inches below the surface.

2. In the same way as the bed bugs, a steamer can also get rid of odor on clothes that are caused by germs or bacteria like when we sweat or drop food and drinks on our clothes. You can read more about this here

3. It’s a quicker process than ironing. One can remove creases from clothes a lot faster with a steamer than using an iron, using just a few sweeps of the device over your garment, and it’s done. 

4. It is usually all built-in one, which means most of them come with a hanging pole built-into it and a pipe for the steam. So, you don’t need any extra tables or ironing-boards, because these are mostly compact single units with everything in them.


There Are Different Types 

When looking to invest in one, a lot of online stores or websites have tons of information on clothes steamers. To narrow your search, we have included four different types of streaming devices, depending on your needs:

Handheld Versions

Mainly used around the home environment but can also be used elsewhere, these steamers are not as light-weight as the others and it may not be that easy to carry around with you from one room to the other.  These are, however, quite powerful and last longer due to a slightly larger water tank. So, the advantage is you can use it on more than one item of clothing at a time, and up to a maximum of 5.

Standing Versions 

These are also mainly for home-use and works very well in removing creases in day to day wear. They normally last up to half an hour before you need to refill the water tank again. It’s a perfect device if you’re looking for something that fits the whole family. It can also be used on more than one item at a time big and small and comes with the stand or built-in hangers to hang the clothes directly on it.

Travel Versions

This is a very cute inclusion to the world of these devices and the most convenient one might say. When traveling you can also get one to take with you without having to worry about creases in your clothes once you remove them from your luggage. They are good enough for at least 2 items of clothes and can be refilled easily too. A very convenient invention.

Professional Standing Versions

This one is as the name says, for professional use, and as such are made using heavy-duty industrial gear that can withstand steaming for just under 2 hours. They have the largest water tank of the lot and can be used either by bigger families or in the office or hotel environments.

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