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Expecting Mom’s Can Enjoy 9 Months Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide Feature
9 Months Non-Alcoholic “Wines”
Mother’s Day is also for those expecting Moms and we cannot forget them. They may not have met their newborn yet, but have been working as hard as any Mother to prepare and provide for that child. Long are their days of unwinding to a glass of wine. If only they could have that feeling back! 9 Months understands this and they came as close as they could get to giving expecting Mom’s that same glass of bubbly they crave-minus the alcohol! It’s been a long few months and for those that breastfeed, you will need even more time of watching what you consume! 

About 9 Months Beverages

9 Months provides sparkling red and white non-alcoholic beverages safe for expecting and breastfeeding Moms. They are made from grapes grown in South Australia and are 100% natural. There are no added sugars, artificial colors or flavors and are gluten-free! 
A portion of the proceeds at 9 Months go to the March of Dimes. So pop the cork, relax and know that that moment of relaxation is also giving back to a popular cause.
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