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Evriholder: All The Things You Didn’t Know You Needed #Review

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I had discovered Evriholder online because I was needing to organize some messes. I was fortunate to be sent some products to review. While I browse the site my list of wants always grows! Did you know there is a product that will preserve your half used onion in the fridge? Did you also know that you can store your sprinkles in your ice cream scooper?…I know!  Crazy and tell me that wouldn’t be convenient to have when you are partying away from home!

What really caught my eye was the cable zipper. We have a plethra of cords behind our TV and although some are tucked in the tower of the TV stand, it is still a mess from the outlet to the tower….

Now comes the cable zipper…
If you are anally organized like me then that totally excites you also, doesn’t it?
The 2 other fun items I received were the slurp spoon! No more milk down the chin or shirt when he drinks his cereal milk as he loves to do & the Egg Split…awesome when my 4 year old helps me bake. I have taught him how to carefully crack an egg, but separating it is still too hard for him until now…

More about Evriholder

  • They offer fun and innovative products for organization, barware, cleaning, kitchen, bath and auto needs
  • They have licensed brand products from Kellogg’s, Eggo, Wonder, Crayola, Hostess and more!
  • The prices are excellent!
  • There are anywhere from 30-50 new innovative products developed each year for all your growing needs
  • Check out some more fun & functional products…

Cord Clipster     Kellog's® Eggo® Expand-O™       Campbell's® Soup’N Salad™ Container
Disclosure: I was provided products for this review. All opinions are 100% my own and I only choose to review products I know my readers will enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Evriholder: All The Things You Didn’t Know You Needed #Review”

  1. That is so cool! Sometimes it's the simplest things you didn't think you needed and when you find a solution, it's like "Wow…why didn't I think of this sooner!" That cable zipper is awesome, and I am definitely gonna have to check that out, because we have a major cord problem at my house (my fiancee is an IT guy/tech geek and we have far too many electronics!) Thanks for sharing this!

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