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EverydayHappy Wellness monthly care kit will save you money #Giveaway

This is a promotional post. I was sent product

Holiday Gift Guide Feature
Taking supplements is something I am bad at. If I do actually remember to pick them up at the store, I dread swallowing horse pills. I know I need the extra nutrients and it is so important to keep your body balanced but I also get so overwhelmed trying to find the best deals and switching brands based on what is on sale. I know I can save if I bundle shop and at EverydayHappy I can get a months supply of Multivitamins and Omega-3 for around $41 shipped to my home. That gives me 120 tablets and capsules from a brand I trust! I even have a tad over a month’s worth with the Omega-3 dose I take. Vitamins can range from a $10 to well over $40 a bottle and they can also contain preservatives and other unnatural ingredients. Buying the EverydayHappy Wellness Care Kit compared to similar brands can save you up to 40% a month!
This Everyday Wellness Care Kit is one of 3 kits I will feature and giveaway throughout my Holiday Gift Guide between now and December! I love that bundles like this save us money and that they contain safe and natural products we use everyday.
About EverydayHappy Multivitamins
  • Nut, soy, gluten and GMO-free
  • Sustainable
  • 16 Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins A, B’s, C and D along with Ca, Fe, Zn and more!
  • Easy to swallow size
About EverydayHappy Omega-3 supplement
  • Nut, Soy, Gluten and GMO free
  • Sustainable
  • 100% pure fish oil
What you get in the bundle
  1. Multivitamins 60 count tablets
  2. Omega-3 60 count softgel capsules
You can get your first trial bundle free by heading to EverydayHappy and clicking on Start Your Free Trial! Your next monthly kit will follow and you are set up!
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a bundle sent to your home (no commitments-just a supplement set in your choice of size)! Open to US and ends on 11/16. Good luck

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