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Engage to make changes and win prizes with UnitedHealthcare We Dare You to Share Challenges

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If you look back throughout the years, I think one thing is obvious about 2015! People want to live healthier lives. You have fast food restaurants struggling more than ever as the demands for healthy are now inspiring change. Authors and celebrities are making sure we hear the messages of how to eat, how to change and how to make better choices for ourselves and our families. We fell in a trap of ignorance for decades and here we are in a desperate need for change. We are unhealthy-our children are unhealthy and getting our health back is the new trend. UnitedHealthcare wants to help inspire everyone to take the first steps. You take small steps with easy actions and even win some prizes along the way!
To start the change, the Dares are easy! In January, share a photo and you can win a $400 VISA Gift Card or weekly $25 Visa gift card prizes. In fact, you can win those same prizes for watching a video and/or taking a short quiz! Didn’t win? Come back in February, then March…and enjoy a new challenge each month for prizes!
DARE to share a photo
I did my January Dares at We Dare You to Share and dared to share a photo for this month’s theme of resolutions! In thinking of resolutions I know I eat healthy already, I exercise often and I wanted to better connect with my husband. We have an amazing marriage and are best friends, but with a grown son, teenager and 6 year old, we don’t connect in the meaningful ways. Sometimes we just need to break away from teen arguments and 6 year old disciplines and discuss nothing more than good times over some dinner or a fun evening at the Casino or a movie. So, I shared my Dare and fingers crossed I could win!
What photo will you share?
DARE to take a quiz
I took the January quiz with the theme of Organizing your life! It is as easy as it appears above. Take the quiz, submit and cross your fingers you win a prize! You can also view some organizational videos for more inspiration as they list a few on the right side of the page for you!
DARE to watch a video and sound off
When you dare to watch the video along the organization topic, you get to sound off after for a chance to win. Videos are a great source of inspiration and there are more you can watch if you choose. Above shows you how easy it is! Watch, sound off and see the results and trends! You can win for this task too!
So there are 3 chances to win the grand prize and weekly prizes! It took me under 10 minutes to complete all 3 and I gained motivation and access to more resources from the We Dare You to Share campaign from UnitedHealthcare! Take action and make these changes for you and your family. Now is the time!
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