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Energy Efficient and Smart Home Lighting from Feit Electric

This feature is in partnership with Feit Electric

Energy Efficient and Smart Home Lighting from Feit Electric

IntelliBulb Switch to Dim

The Switch to Dim bulb is great for low and high light settings. It is like 3 bulbs in one that you control in intensity from 100%, 60% or 10%. A great energy saving option because you use only the light you need and no dimmer switch needed.

Filament Bulbs

The LED Original Vintage Glass  is so exciting to me. We just bought a new home so this will be a great piece in some lamps I bought such as for the guest room for a little vintage style. The original vintage line comes in 7 designs.

Glass Color Filament Bulbs will match your personality, with the colors red, blue, orange, green, pink, yellow and purple. This would be the bulb you use while entertaining or taking certain mood photos. I will use this one in my office for product photos and can move it to the dining room over the bar for mood when entertaining. The filament bulbs are a lot of fun.

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Andy Cole

Thanks Erin for a very enlightening article. Yes smart homes are a fact and are increasingly becoming affordable and available to the average home owner.

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