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Ella’s Kitchen helps your child enjoy healthy foods

This is a promotional post. I was sent samples

How many times have you had to sneak in healthy fruits and veggies to disguise them so the kids will eat it? We have all been there! Perhaps you have a picky eater or you made a delicious dinner and realize one kid will protest if he sees that particular ingredient so you you race to disguise it before they notice. Ella’s Kitchen takes the healthy foods you may not be able to get your kids to eat alone and creates fun and great-tasting snack pouches and beverages so they can get those ingredients in them. 
My nephew knows exactly what these are and was so excited to have these Ella’s Kitchen snacks again! He has the Apples, Apples, Apples and to our surprise will eat the Apples, Green Beans and Raisins. Yes-those 3 flavors are in one pouch and I tasted it myself and it is good.
Learning to eat healthy with Ella’s Kitchen

If you have not visited the Ella’s Kitchen website, I encourage you to head over with your children! They will love the Make a Shake page and they can win product too. You will love the coupon savings inside you can print. 
There is also a Food For Thought page where parents can learn how to make their children good eaters using their senses-all of them-not just taste!
The kids will also like the Made Right for Lunch app where they can create their own lunchbox and learn what makes a healthy lunch by creating balanced meals and earning rewards!
Eating healthy can be fun and with kids, sometimes they need the motivation. You can find Ella’s Kitchen products at Walmart and Target stores near you.
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