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Electronic Wordplay Game – Freeze Up! Review

Thank you to Educational Insights for partnering with us for this feature. Opinions are my own

 When I talk children’s play I always feature products with an educational element to them and the entire selection of games and toys at Educational Insights will have your child playing in a way that they hardly remember they are learning. I remember starting out as a parent and I had these ideas of summer workbooks and completed pages before the new school year and after raising 3 boys we have never got past Chapter 1 in a skill book. I am a consistent parent so that isn’t the problem. The problem was they were learning already!

Electronic Wordplay Game - Freeze Up! Review

 I’d see my son running around in a cape with a sword and once I asked him who the ‘evil’ was I suddenly found myself asking if he needs help catching ‘bad guys”. Now we are in a game of pretend play together-full of critical thinking and problem solving. Other times it was to the game shelf for a game of Battleship or electronic games. Again. I find the boys problem solving, counting and critically thinking. And they were doing all of this outside of a book and pencil. It was play and it is the natural way children explore the world around them. Freeze Up! is a game of wordplay that would be a great choice for keeping the brain active this summer break.

In this electronic game that speaks to you, you have to think quickly for words that fit the given category. Choose 1 or 8 players-even have teams. In multi-player mode the first one who runs out of their time loses because that means they weren’t the quickest.  You are given a letter and you must choose a word that starts with that letter in the given category. You can change the letter up at any time. Say the word and hit Freeze fast! This stops your individual time. Features over 170 categories and 2 modes of play with automatic scoring.

I would love to know your favorite learning games you play with in your home? Do you have subject games or prefer imaginative play? Let me know in comments below.

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