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Effective Clean without Chemicals using Force of Nature

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Finally a safer way to clean. Actually, it just might be the safest of all. Force of Nature cleans using only salt, water and vinegar. When electrolyzed together it becomes more powerful than bleach. The reason we don’t use this safe clean in our homes is that not everyone has the ability to electrolyze ingredients in there homes. Force of Nature has found a way to bring this technology to us and now we can clean safely without the chemicals. Here is how it all works and why you need to clean this way….

How it works

This slim machine from Force of Nature electrolyzes water. It comes with pre-measured activator capsules of salt, water and vinegar. When you combine water, the capsule and electricity you get a safe, all-purpose cleaner and natural disinfectant. The low level of electricity changes the salt and water solutions composition.

When you add vinegar, the pH is regulated and you get 2 gentle yet powerful ingredients: sodium hydroxide and hypocholorous acid. There is a mild fresh scent that you get as well. I personally love scents in my cleaners but I don’t like the chemicals. I remedy that by burning my essential oil diffuser in my home while I clean with my Force of Nature.


Using Force of Nature kills 99.99% of germs including MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. You also won’t get antibiotic resistant bacteria left behind. There are no dangerous chemicals and eliminates germs, odors, mold, mildew, grease and grime. It also works on any surface.


Save money

It is also very cost effective. In the long run you will save about $70 just in the first year. Average safe-labeled cleaners cost .19-.36 cents an ounce and using Force of Nature will cost you .07 cents an ounce. The starter unit will cost you about $80-$90 and you get 5 activator capsules to start. When you make a full bottle solution it is good for 2 weeks. Refill capsules are well under $1 each. PLUS I was just at their website and had a pop up that said if you join there newsletter in that pop up you can get $30 off and free shipping. I’d hurry because I am not sure how long that lasts.


How am I using my Force of Nature?

I have been using my Force of Nature cleaner and disinfectant all over my home.

Force of Nature cleans the bathroom
Force of Nature disinfects my husband’s shoes
Force of Nature kills germs
Force of Nature disinfects sports equipment

Follow Force of Nature and head over to their website to find ways to save on your starter unit–> Website | Facebook | Pinterest

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Elizabeth O.

Sounds like a product that I wouldn’t mind using! This is awesome and it’s also very good for the environment. I like products that are effective without chemicals mixed in them.

Nicole Escat

Disinfect is really important, especially without chemicals. I love using cleaning materials without chemicals because it couldn’t harm our health and friendly environment.

Lisa Rios

We have to deal with lot of chemicals these days with every product we use and Force of Nature sounds like a great alternative. The machine looks easy to handle and I love how it could help clean various things at home & stay germ free.