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Educational Game Review: Monster Bake

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My son is seven and loves playing board games. I am always on the hunt for educational games so that he is learning as he plays. HABA does a great job of inserting educational focus into their games and toys. If you are looking for a game that enhances hand-eye coordination and capacity reaction then my educational game review of Monster Bake is the right game.

Monster Bake is a board shaped to act as a bowl. There are colored marbles, cards, wooden bowls and slotted wooded mixing spoons. The player simply choose a card that they all play off of each round. That card shows them colored marbles in a dessert or food recipe and the players race to collect those exact colored marbles from the board bowl and get them into their individual wooden bowls. The trick is they have to transfer the marbles by using only the slotted spoons. 
There is a little trick that works well with practice-simply push a marble into the corner and slowly guide it up with the spoon and that marble should roll into the slot. It works for me! You may find your own technique and that is the fun of the game. In fact, the more times the kids play the better they get at it and the race becomes even more intense. 
I love the simple games that still offer so much fun and excitement. When time is a factor, the pressure turns on and that’s where the excitement comes from. Not to mention, the illustrations on the board and box are fun and engaging as well. 

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