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Edoughble is Edible Cookie Dough Without Egg

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Edoughble is Edible Cookie Dough Without Egg

Do you love eating cookie dough? That was a dumb question, wasn’t it? Did you know that eating raw cookie dough made traditionally with butters, egg and some flours are actually unsafe to eat. Depending on each individual and how long it sat out and other factors you can become very sick and it is a ‘horrible sick’ from consuming dangerous raw foods.

Edoughble is safe to eat, edible cookie dough without egg and that’s not all!

Be Mine Box for Valentine's Day Edible Cookie Dough

Edoughble is made with real, all-natural ingredients such as hormone-free butter, alcohol-free vanilla bean extract and no egg, chemical leavener and a heat-treated flour so all of the bacteria is killed which makes it safe to eat.

What about the mix-ins? With a list like Callebaut Dark Belgian Chocolate, all-natural rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sandwich cookies and handmade ingredients like hand-whipped, organic vanilla frosting or cinnamon cobbler crumble your mouth can start watering already!

This pack I am featuring is the Be Mine Box for Valentine’s Day. It comes with 4 flavors:

  • This Chocolate is Lit: Light up your taste buds with this firecracker! Little Bird Kitchen’s Fire Syrup is a part of this flavor.
  • Flamin’ Chocolate Chip: A touch of heat in every bite! Little Bird Kitchen’s Milk Chocolate Fire Bites are stirred in!
  • Milk n’ Cookies: a fan favorite cookie dough creation swirled with loads of chocolate sandwich cookie crumbles and whipped vanilla bean frosting
  • Candy Crush: This sugary, whipped vanilla cookie dough is loaded with sweet, crispy candy coated milk chocolate pieces. 

For this box, Edoughble has collaborated with Little Bird Kitchen to bring a gift that will both satisfy the sweet and the spice! 

Ingredients are premium, all-natural & non-GMO certified. They include hormone-free butter, light brown cane sugar, cane sugar, heat-treated flour, apple sauce, responsibly sourced palm oil, Belgian dark chocolate chips, Little Bird Kitchen Fire Syrup, Little Bird Fire Bites, alcohol-free pure vanilla, kosher salt. Contains wheat & dairy.

The 2 fiery flavors give just the right amount of ‘heat’. It is not an all-mouth sensation, but rather that bite or kick of spice and heat that really fires up the taste buds. The dough is the favorite buttery standard dough. So you just get that heat as you spoon up the chocolate pieces. They are perfect for just the casual and medium heat-lover while still enjoying a favorite sweet dessert. There is no spice or heat in the Candy Crush or Milk n’ Cookies flavors.

Visit Edoughble to see all of the delicious flavors available now!

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