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EcoBasket Collapsible and Reusable Shopping Totes

In the past year or so our local towns have one-by-one started to ban plastic bags at the stores. In order to get a bag with your groceries or goods you have to buy them at a nickel a bag. This means that I am starting to see reusable bags used by everyone I know. I love the impact I am sure this is making on our environment.

I quickly realized how messy the car gets with canvas bags thrown all over the place. Also, if I don’t remember to pack them back up as I return, then I am stuck buying a bag. It is easy to toss cloth totes aside and forget about them. This is why the CleverMade EcoBasket Shopping Totes are a game changer.

  • EcoBasket is a reusable, collapsible tote that is friendly on the environment and your wallet
  • Transport up to 25 pounds of your favorite goods, groceries and gear
  • Two ways to carry: adjustable, removable shoulder strap for heavy loads and top handles for lighter loads
  • Folds down flat to less than 1.5″ and stores neatly with the built-in WrapStrap™
  • EcoBasket has been engineered to be eco-nomical, while still offering the same easy snap open design and sleek storage as our SnapBasket

The CleverMade Shopping Totes are bags that snap up and back down to flat. I love this because they stay long and flat and have some texture to them. You see them taking up space so remembering to go throw them in your car actually happens!

The reusable shopping totes are sturdy and include a shoulder strap which is great if you are small shopping without a cart. They come in different color styles too. CleverMade has more than just shopping tots, so head over and find more tote and storage solutions! The EcoBaskets are available at retailers and at

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