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Eco-friendly back to school products from TerraCycle

This is a promotional post for TerraCycle

Have you seen the store aisle for back to school?  There is so much there and hundreds of little and big sized crayons, papers, notebooks, backpacks, totes, etc… How do you decide what to buy? Do you take the kids and let them pick? Do you tackle the supply shopping solo for sanity? I take my youngest, but my teen can care less about shopping with me for supplies. We just do the clothing. I will find things on my own I know he will need. When in doubt, why not buy a product that has up-cycled the hard-to-recycle waste. Eco-friendly bags, lunch sacks and pencil cases from TerraCycle are fun and sport popular brands your child and teen love. 
We have the Doritos messenger bag. It sports the recycled parts of the Doritos X bag and my boys love their Doritos when I buy it for them. It is large and we even took it camping to hold our shower items since it can get wet. It fastens with a velcro that stays shut. 
About TerraCycle
  • A trusted resource for tips, stats and tactics on how live a greener lifestyle
  • Repurpose difficult-to-recycle packaging into products
  • World leader in collection and reuse of non-recyclable post consumer waste
  • Over 100 brands of repurposed, innovative products
  • Find products for school, home, gifts, electronic cases and more
  • Find many TerraCycle products at Walmart and Target stores

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