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eBook Review: Candy & the Cankersaur

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Do you have a Dinosaur crazy child? He or She will love this ebook that sometimes there are some rules that just have to be broken and that trying to compete with what someone else has that you want is not how you treat your friends. Several lessons are hidden in this fun story about a girl and her Dinosaur.

About Candy & the Cankersaur
Candy gets a Dinosaur as a gift and her determination to rain him as a pet. He is given one very First Rule that he is punished for breaking a few times. The her jealous neighbor does something so sad to Candy and her ‘Cank’ is forced to break the first rule. Because he does this, the story is able to end happily! This is a great story for ages 3-9. The 6-9 year old can read this independently very well. 
Jason Sandberg does a great job creating fairytale-like stories that open the imagination and are just as enjoyable for parents to read as for the children. Candy & the Cankersaur is available on Amazon, iTunes, Nook & Kobo. 

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