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Eating Right (for you & your Baby)

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Eating Right (for you and your baby) 

 The most magical time in a woman’s life is being pregnant – it’s such a joy and excitement for her and her significant other. However, it’s also an important time in the development of the baby. The mother has to eat properly in order to provide the necessary nutrients for the fetus. If the quantity is insufficient, this could lead to serious problems – stillbirth, miscarriage, brain damage, weak immune system, psychological problems, low birth weight and more. When the nutrition is in the right amount, the risk for the baby is diminished. A good diet for the pregnant woman is absolutely essential for her health and the health of her baby.

One of the most important rules is eating plenty of protein foods. The lack of protein can lead to a miscarriage. One of the biggest worries of every future mother is birth defect on the baby. It’s been proven that some defects are linked to a deficiency of folic acid in the mother’s diet. Food that contains folic acid includes milk, eggs, liver and green leafy vegetables. Other important foods (against miscarriage, anemia and birth defects) are oysters, liver, lean meat, heart, leafy vegetables, dries fruits, whole grains, molasses and beans. These are good for both the mother and the baby. Most pregnant women get through various emotional stages and feel like their feelings are one big emotional roller-coaster. Due to that they either stop eating or eat too much, which can have a negative effect too. This condition can be alleviated by receiving B complex vitamins, proteins and calcium as regularly as possible.

Another common problem is morning sickness – it affects most women and it’s completely normal. Some women feel better and have less nausea by receiving 25 mg Vitamin B6 every time they eat. Some of the foods that women enjoy aren’t recommended during pregnancy. Food that contains Vitamin A, for example, can be dangerous, especially in a big amount. Vitamin D, however, is great for pregnant women – dairy products will provide enough calcium and Vitamin D for the baby, ensuring strong teeth and bones. Every day the woman should eat and drink 4 types of dairy products. They should also avoid alcohol, spicy food and try to reduce their caffeine intake too. Fatty foods are also bad for the baby, especially in a large amount, so stay away from crisps, pastries, hot dogs, pizza and junk food. During the first few months is when the fat cells are formed in the baby’s body – don’t affect this natural process by eating junk food because this way your baby will have problems with metabolism and weight. If you manage to maintain a N15 clean diet and healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy, you can secure your and your baby’s health, that you will needn’t worry for cleansing all the bad toxins out of your system or for their reflection on your and your baby’s organisms.

 Of course the hardest part of the pregnancy is when the labor pains begin. A good recipe for reducing these is taking 2000mg of Vitamin D in the beginning of the active labor pain. Pregnancy is a wonderful time for every woman, but it’s also requires lots of thought and careful eating.

Bio: Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer and fun-loving mother. She is a fitness junkie and try to be creative in implementing different exercises in her daily activities as a housewife, such as cleaning Penge and home arranging. Her story of following her determination of staying fit and writing about it will inspire you. Her present article is dedicated on her own experience with dieting and ways to stick to it.

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11 thoughts on “Eating Right (for you & your Baby)”

  1. I love the info in this post because with all the illnesses and allergies in our children now, I personally believe that it is the affects environmental issues and chemicals in foods. I am going to spread the word about the Vitamin D and labor pains too! That is great info to know. Great post!

  2. I always felt lucky that I craved healthy foods when I was pregnant. I never wanted to eat the sweets and junk food that I normally long for! Great info on the Vitamin D for labor pains, I've never heard of that before.

  3. Interesting post. As a pregnant mother I do not go for shellfish and eat a more plant based diet. There are other great sources of folic acid and protein such as wheat germ or self ground whole wheat (that also includes the germ). Vegetables and grains can pack more of a protein punch than many realize. Add this to lean meats on occasion and I also have a very balanced and baby friendly diet.

  4. I craved protein while pregnant with my daughter. It was the only thing that helped relieve my constant nausea for a small bit. I also ate every 1-2 hours… just a little nibble of something like a few almonds.

  5. These are great tips! I ate horribly with my first pregnancy but tried to do better with my second. I always just craved bad stuff! This will be very helpful if I ever have a third!

  6. I was so careful of what I ate when I was pregnant, and I did crave a few things that I actually could not eat, like eggs over medium. 🙂 It was important to me, though to do what was best for my baby. Great post!

  7. I never knew that V D is a pain reduction during labor, i do agree about nutrition, i always try to stay on a healthy side, i do care what i eat and what my kids eat.

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