Easy savings at your grocery store with Savings Ant

This is a promotional post for Savings Ant on behalf of Mom’s Affiliate

We all like to save on groceries, but we don’t always like the time it takes to clip coupons and match ads and sales to them. On top of it, we head all over town to combine savings the best we can. I have done this and it really does save, but is almost like a small part-time job where you have to work and you get paid in savings. Who has time for another part-time job of gathering coupons? Savings Ant is here to do the work for you! 

Getting Started

Once you register, there are just a couple steps to take to get your store list and savings needs set up to be stored in your profile. First, select the stores in your area. Next you will deselect savings you don’t want (you may not need to see all pet or infant items). Once your preferences are set, you can search for deals or click the Matchups button and you will get relative results for you. Searching for deals is as easy as typing the items you are looking for.
Once you find the savings you want, just click the oval on the right and it is added under the ‘My Deals’ section. Within My Deals you can add notes that will print out with your shopping list. Items in your deals page will automatically delete as they expire or you choose to delete them so your account will not get stuck with coupons that can’t be used. 
Savings Ant is free and you have access to coupons from many coupon databases within their savings menus. But there is more than just a database of coupons and match ups. You also can access a rebate center to complete any rebates listed. You also get a completed shopping list after you are done deal shopping that you can print and even add notes to and take with you to the stores. Many of the coupons can be digitally loaded onto your club cards that you can set up. Under their Tips you can get some ideas on how to organize coupons and which stores or credit card companies offer you additional shopping discounts. Once you get used to the site, it is so quick and easy. It is a fraction of the time it would take you to clip and flip through ads at home.
Learn more and start saving today: http://www.savingsant.com/
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