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Easy Morning Meals with belVita Biscuits


I have been on winter break and it is always a joy to have the youngest home with me. The older boys work and are in College so they are never home much anyway. However, it does make my morning schedule change a bit from what I am used to in getting work done. Besides Blogging I work part time at the High School so I am on break from my job when my son is out of school. On normal work daysI like easy morning meals with belVita Biscuits.


belVita Biscuits varieties are easily available in the cookie and cracker section at my local Walmart store. I love Walmart’s low prices and the belVita Biscuits are priced very well here.


I went looking for the new belVita Breakfast Yogurt Crunch biscuits but they aren’t out quite yet at my store. I am hoping that they will have them at the Walmart belVita sampling event on January 7th and 8th at my local stores and can stock up then. I am excited to try them.


On school and work mornings, I drive my son to school then come home where I have about 90 minutes before I leave for work. I shower and change then spend time having a quiet breakfast and catching up on emails and post shares for my blog. Eating belVita biscuits varieties gives me a few hours of sustained energy when I combine them with just 1 serving of milk and fruit. A cup of coffee finishes off my morning routine and off to work I go.


Surely you have a Walmart near you so you can pick up your favorite belVita Biscuits flavors. If you need help, visit this Walmart store locator.

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Did you find a store near you that carries this delicious breakfast option?

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