Easy Meal with Safe Catch Seasoned Tuna Pouches

Easy Meal with Safe Catch Seasoned Tuna Pouches

This lockdown! My tween has learned quite a bit of lunch recipes for himself. My husband and I are both considered essential workers so when he gets hungry at home he makes his own lunch. I have taught him to make easy meal options and these seasoned tuna pouches are one of his favorites. He eats his on crackers and I love mine in wraps with crisp romaine.

Safe Catch has great flavors with these pouch options. I still love regular tuna with some dill pickles and the Garlic Herb is delicious also. If you are a pepper lover then Citrus Pepper is very flavorful.

Every single tuna that Safe Catch uses in its products is tested for mercury levels. No other company has the technology to do this, which means Safe Catch can guarantee your tuna is pure. Pregnant or nursing? No worries as Safe Catch does not contain the toxins you are told to avoid in most tuna. Safe Catch is safe to eat!

Order your Safe Catch Tuna or find in retailers/grocers near you. Also available on Amazon.

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