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Easy Kids School Lunches with Snyder’s – Lance New Offerings

Snyder’s – Lance has partnered with parenting Healthy to introduce it’s new products

Easy Kids School Lunches with Snyder's New Offerings

With about 8 weeks of school left for us my son is getting tired of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ham and cheese roll ups for lunch. He does buy lunch somedays but we read the menu for the week and he tells me what days he is interested in what the school is serving and what days he would rather eat a home lunch. It’s close to a 50:50 split on eating at school vs home.

So I am having to get creative. What a great time for Snyder’s-Lance to come out with not just one, but several new products and flavors. I am now making easy kids school lunches with Snyder’s-Lance new offerings.

Lancers Gluten Free

Have you seen the new Lance Gluten Free Snack Crackers? It is always fantastic when brands bring more options for those with Celiac or diet restrictions. There are 2 flavors, baked original and real cheddar cheese.

A handful of these crackers with some cheese and meats you need to use up offer a fun lunch idea. Simple but not a PB & J sandwich…again.

BBQ Thins

For an added snack in yours or the kids lunches are some new and unique chips from Cape Cod snacks. They now have Infused Oil Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. This means that they have infused the oils wit herbs, spices and vegetables for the ultimate savory taste. They come in 2 flavors, jalapeno and mediterranean. If you prefer a non-GMO lighter chip, you can also find new Cape Cod Thins in original, BBQ and sea salt vinegar.

Lancers foods

New Kids School Lunch Snacks

Pretzels and cracker sandwiches are always a hit. I love finding new packaged crackers to grab on-the-go and to easily toss into the lunchbox for recess snack. When you hear the word sandwich as a kid, PB and J must come to mind first. Lance now has PB&J Toasty Cracker Sandwiches. They are made with Welch’s grape jelly for a twist on the classic sandwich.

PBJ snack

If you like indvidual wrapped snacks like these, have your kids tried Emerald Nut blends? Now you can find fruit and nut packs as well as non-GMO convenience packs. You can find them in several flavors, dry roasted almonds, jalapeno cashews, whole roasted and salted cashews, dill pickle cashews, cocoa roast almonds, deluxe mixed nuts and double crunch BBQ.

I told you there were several new offerings! Moving on….

pizza pretzel

Pretzels! Flavored pretzels! Flavored Pretzel Sandwiches and Pieces! Need I say more? The flavors? Buttermilk ranch and sweet chili garlic Snyder’s of Handover pretzel pieces. And you can now find brick oven style pizza and classic hummus Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel sandwiches.

kid lunch snack

One more…

Need a break after packing those lunches for the kids? Grab Lance Power Break Sandwich Crackers that offer you 11-12 grams of protein, Vitamin B and whole grains in a snack sandwich. The yummy flavors are chocolate peanut butter and peanut butter. You survived the morning, so take a break!

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