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Easy Healthy Snack for Kids

I was sent sample for feature

Finding healthy snacks that are easy is one thing, finding healthy snacks the kids will actually eat is another! Ideally I would cut up and pack fresh fruits and fiberous snacks each day and have them on hand for car rides, park visits and school or camp lunches. Because I cannot always accomplish that I have turned to fruit pouches as a great go-to easy healthy snack for the kids.
I have had some issues with fruit pouches though as they are either loaded with sugar and I have even come across some that have artificial flavors or my son hates the taste. Fruit Me Up! contacted me to sample and I wondered if my son would even like these as he has turned his nose up on other brands either for a sour taste or the labeling was ‘babyish’ as he puts it. They arrived and he really showed no interest at first-just another fruit pouch. 
He asked for a late night snack at bedtime one night saying he was so hungry but it was late so I told him he can have something light and I grabbed the Fruit Me Up! Naturally Better Only Apples, Peaches & Apricots. He loved it so then I asked if he would take these in his lunchbox and he said ‘Yes! These exact ones, Mom!” He later tried the Boost varieties we have and loved those just as much and thinks the packaging is much cooler than others.
My son is a great eater-he loves sushi, salsas, fish, beans and broccoli. Yes, I lucked out with one of those children! When he can distinguish between brands and tastes on these fruit purees and say that Fruit Me Up! can have a place in his lunch box you know it is good! Learn more at

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