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Easy Grilled Pork Summer Salad with The Spice Lab

Thank you The Spice Lab for partnering for this feature

Easy Grilled Pork Summer Salad

Summer is almost here and not only do we look forward to longer days and family vacations, we also get to pull that grill out and do some outdoor cooking. My husband and I changed our diet 2 months ago to cut carbs and no processed foods. We are doing very well with that and feeling the difference in our bodies and health. But, with grilling season approaching our typical grilling meals are not what we are eating now so I need to create healthier grilling recipes. I made this Easy Grilled Pork Summer Salad with The Spice Lab and it was a hit with my husband and son.

Garlic Flake

First of all, I would like to thank The Spice Lab for partnering with me to create a fun grilling recipe. The Spice lab is a woman-owned, family-run business. They provide artisan salts, premium spices, seasonings, teas and gifts. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day nearing they offer fantastic gourmet gift packages. All of their products are processed and packed in the US (Florida). You can find their products in grocery, gourmet stores, some major retailers and on Amazon.

seasoned pork

The best part about this recipe is two-fold. First, there is no marinating needed. I simply salt with 3 of my favorite Himalayan salts form my Spice Lab collection and grill. Second, You can make enough to create this recipe and save leftovers for a delicious stir-fry on night 2. That’s how I cook this pork up.

BBQ Smoked collection

A sample of the available salts are above. For this recipe I used Cyprus Wild Garlic Flake, Smoked Chipotle and Herbs de Provence Blend. That’s all! I seasoned both sides, set on a medium high gas grill for about 8 minutes per side and the meat thermometer reads done for pork. I cook these in the afternoon, slice and refrigerate until ready to create my dinner salad.

Grilled pork

Make ahead meals are so fantastic on busy days and this is why I like this recipe. Because I grill earlier in my day and then take the sliced pieces from the fridge when ready to make my salad it makes dinner prep so quick. I even pre-slice and make my toppings.

sliced pork


Grilled Pork Salad

Spice Lab collection

Above is one of the salt collections offered my The Spice Lab. Not only does this BBQ salt collection make a great gift for the griller in your life, they have more products like I mentioned above such as loose teas.

georgia peach tea

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