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Easy Car Safety Checks

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If there is one trip we take most often every spring and summer, it is small road trips. We also have an RV we pull with our truck and making sure we do some quick checks before we leave is very important to us. My husband works corporate in auto retail and even my 2 older boys work in his same company and we take car care and maintenance as a top priority in our home. We have multiple cars and never are they not up to date on fluid changes, healthy tires, clean interior and exterior, clean air filters and simple fixes. It is almost a constant activity to maintain a vehicle and add in the RV and ATV’s we are always spending time on one vehicle or another at some point every month.
You live in a home you maintain, raising a family you maintain and spend the majority of your other free time in a car transporting precious cargo yet many pay it the least attention. Intimidation. I think that is what keeps us from maintaining our vehicles. Many know their cars inside and out and the other half of us just get in and drive it with no other thought or care unless we see or hear a problem while driving. Maintenance saves trouble and money in the long run and is safer for travel. Even with newer car models, there are still simple maintenance checks and fixes you can do on your own.
You can do simple checks no matter who you are before hitting the road or right now, if it has been a while. Whether you are 16 or 85, man or women, a car enthusiast or you have to double check that car your drive’s model again, you can do these simple checks on your own. Get to know your car and care for it and it will stay as healthy as possible for you and keep you safe in return. 
Here is a simple checklist to print. Make some notes and a shopping list if you need to and you are in a much safer position before heading out on your next road trip.
Click to download/print

When it comes to maintaining your car’s health, the first line of defense is it’s air filter. I changed mine for the summer with the FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter which I was able to pick up at my local Walmart. It cost me under $13 and took me about 5 minutes to change. I didn’t even need tools as my Honda CRV just has some clips I need to pull to loosen the filter hood and switch out the old one for a new, clean air filter. Find your cars’s correct FRAM filter by visiting the Walmart FRAM page.

Why is your car’s air filter a line of defense? The air filter improves air flow within the engine by preventing dirt and dust from entering and doing damage to the engine. Not only does it filter dirt and debris, having better air flow can increase acceleration, horsepower and overall engine performance. That dust and dirt disrupts all of these important functions. It is important to keep a clean air filter by changing it out every 12,000 miles (follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle’s owner manual). That manual is not just a glove box space filler, it gives you a shopping list with part numbers for keeping your car maintained for the best engine and overall vehicle health.

Still unsure when you can get around to doing these simple changes? Think about this-would you put your child on a carnival ride that no one inspects or maintains? Before traveling with the family again, did you take the time to inspect and maintain your car?
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