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Easy At-Home 20 minute full body workout

I was sent product for feature

I joined a local gym last year and went fairly often then like most gym memberships, I paid as I slowly stopped going. I would combine a gym workout with east at-home workouts. When it comes to working out it’s about finding a routine and getting used to it and as soon as you develop a new one you find it hard to go back. My gym does not allow children so I would go after I got off work and before picking my soon up from school. Then spring break happened last year as well as a trip we went on and I did not go for a few weeks. My husband works so if my son is not in school, I can’t go. So my workouts slowly ended until I formed my own Easy At-Home 20 minute full body workout.
Then as summer came to an end we got a letter stating we can have access to a trainer once a month for free as part of the membership. My son would be going back to school as summer is ending and perhaps I could use this trainer to help me stay motivated at school breaks this year when I can’t get in. I need quick and easy exercises I can complete at home when I cannot get to the gym. Together we came up with one for me.

At Home exercise equipment
We created a regimen to help me tone and strengthen my core as well as focus a bit on my gluts and shoulders where I have had some pain. I can go through 2 sets of each exercise under 20 minutes and it makes me feel great! If this is the type of workout you can use, then I share it with you and how the Zobi- 7lb is a great addition to my home exercise equipment.
At-Home Workout in 20 minutes
Foam Roll Calves (stretching)-hold each leg 30 seconds
Lateral Stretch on Ball (stretching)-hole each arm 30 seconds
Calve Stretch (stretching)-hold each leg 20 seconds
Floor Glut Bridge (core strengthen)-hold up 2 seconds and slowly down 4 seconds-15 reps
Dumbbell Squat w/ heels elevated (mainly thighs and gluts)-15 reps with 10lb weights
Single Arm Wide Dumbbell Row (shoulders, biceps)-15 reps with 15lb weights
Bar Push Ups (I use my nightstand)  (chest, shoulders, core)- 12 reps
Plank with alternating hip drop (core)-12 reps
Wood Chop with Zobi (Core, Arms, Shoulders)- 10 reps at 7lb
If I have time I finish with an intense interval stationary bike workout for 10-15 minutes to add cardio. Of course make sure you are medically clear to begin any new workout. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start at home. By sharing my routine, I hope it offers you an option to try at-home workouts when getting into a gym is not possible.
How to use the Zobi weight

I love my Zobi because that wood chop exercise feels so good at the end as I add that twist in the move using my entire body. The Zobi has an ergonomic shape making it so easy to grip. You also get the guide and workout CD that come with it. You can combine 5 different workouts using your Zobi for a full body workout. Empower Fitness has many products that make your workouts effective and they are not just about product. Empower is a community or network of people who need each other for encouragement and a way to grow and strengthen our motivation to live healthier.

*You can find how to do any of the exercises I mention above on most fitness sites or video channels.

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