Easily share photos with older family members this summer with Familink

If you have a FIL like mine, you don’t dare get him anything electronics that uses Wi-Fi or it will be a dozen phone calls all hours of the day, walking him through steps on how to use it….again. Instead you find modern touches that could benefit him that are as easy to use as possible. This is why the Familink 3G frame was made available. This is the digital frame to buy that allows you to share photos with or without Wi-Fi or complicated set up. It is now available in the US!

Easily share photos with older family members this summer with Familink

As you travel to relatives or help spring clean their homes, this frame will be great to leave behind. Once you are gone it is easy to send photos to this frame online. You place the frame and you control what is featured. They get to enjoy it all!

Here are the features:

  • Send your photos directly to the frame from the mobile app, computer, email, or Messenger
  • Works in over 100 countries
  • Unlimited people ca be added to share photos to the frame
  • There is a Wi-Fi option and then you can send unlimited photos. With 3G you can send 10 a day
  • Has a 7″ screen
  • Works with its built-in SIM card (3G), no Wi-Fi connection required
  • If you want to use 3G, the first 3 months are free. Works with so many carriers. Wi-Fi is no extra charge

If you live in a remote area, this frame is perfect. If Wi-Fi products and set up is difficult, this frame is for you. It is modern and looks great in any space. Order your Familink frame on Amazon today.

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this is really amazing and interesting article. thanks for sharing this amazing article.