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Earn money from your blog posts easily with Postpresso & an Announcement

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This is a sponsored post for Postpresso

If you are new to Blogging or have been blogging for a while, but want an easy way to monetize then I encourage you to spend time on Postpresso. Let me explain why below then see my special announcement for Bloggers!
What is Postpresso?

Postpresso is an affiliate site that allows you to create posts around any assortment of products and earn by the clicks you get. CPC are my favorite and best money earners in any affiliate article I write. Why? Because Cost Per Click items pay you when a reader clicks on their link. Many affiliate sites only pay you if you generate a sale or get your readers to have to subscribe to a service. Postpresso does not have items that require any purchasing from your readers so you are not left feeling like your post is too spammy!

Postpresso is partnered with PriceGrabber and soon will be working with Shopzilla. This means that currently there are over 3,500 merchants whose products you can earn money on with link clicks. Once Shopzilla joins in, there will be an additional 3,000+ merchants added. This makes any item available for any niche you may focus on.

Why spend time on Postpresso?

Does your Blog focus on DIY? Create a post about must-have craft items! 
Does your Blog focus on food/cooking? Create a post about gifts for a cook!
Does your post focus on Parenting? Create a post of must-have items for a new Mom.

Postpresso is such a simple layout that you just pick items and add your own wording. The organization of the post and photo sections are done for you! You write the actual post from the Postpresso Platform. See my guide below. You will create popular how-to or must-have posts that your readers love and if they click (or you creatively encourage them to within the guidelines) then you get paid! You can customize the post easily such as centering photos or changing photo size and how you want to word your links. 

Once you create the post in Postpesso, grab the html it generates or if you have WordPress, you can set up to auto post for you. Once it is posted on your blog in either form, it will link to your Postpresso account where you can monitor your real-time earnings. Stuck on writing ideas? Postpresso has Starter Articles already written for you! Just find one in the menu under ‘Starter Articles’ and make any changes you want and post it! 

Guide to earning for Postpresso

Signing up is easy! Head to and click ‘Get Started’

Once you are logged in and your profile is complete, you can click on ‘New Article’ in the top menu. You will get a blank start page like the one below. See the ‘Search’ bar to the right? Begin searching for products you want to write about.

I decided to do a post about ‘Gifts for the Superhero fans’ (see my live post here)so I searched for Superheroes below. Found the items I wanted and added them to the post by clicking ‘Add’ under each image. See my Superhero cape and bedding set I have added?
I added a Title “Gift Ideas for the Superhero fans” and I wrote up a quick intro to my post below the title. I then ‘Added’ images for the products I like and now I can format those images and text.
In my Superhero Cape & Mask set, I can change photo size, center or position photo left or right and I can edit my text any way I need to with that text bar that pops up as you type-shown above. Edit the text for all the items you added. Takes you about 5-10 minutes depending on the number of items you have.
After you added the products and edited the text, in the upper right corner is a Preview (shown as an eyeball) button that you hit to see how it will look live and grab the html code from here. The Save button (shown as a floppy disc image) will hold this project for later and you can come back to it. The title will need to be cut and pasted into your post Title Bar or it just appears in the post itself, but other than that you are ready to add any labels and publish!

Once published head back to your Espresso account and to the upper bar titled ‘Your Articles’ and you can find your reports. You can also find a ‘Share’ tab to instantly share your post to your social media and even find ‘Starter Articles’ that are done for you as I mentioned earlier in this post. An example of that is below.
Sign up now-complete your profile-add your Paypal info and start earning!

Remember! You need to Share, Share , Share-you want clicks! I recommend writing one Postpresso every 1-2 weeks so you build those articles and can see the many reports so you know which type of articles are working best for you and are paying you!

I promised an announcement so here it is!

Start playing around now and in the next few weeks, Postpresso and I are teaming up to offer all of you Bloggers a monetary giveaway! You will win a gift card (type and amount TBA) by submitting a post on a theme we will choose. So stay tuned and your Postpresso post can earn you even more then your CPC!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Any opinions are my own.

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