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Early Alert Home Fire Kits with Voice Alert for Kids

Early Alert Home Fire Kits

A few weeks ago we had an eye opener. My husband was cooking breakfast and nothing out of the ordinary happened, but the sausage did smoke a bit and for whatever reason our vents upstairs took on that smoke. The home fire and smoke alarms went off in the house waking up the older kids and our 11 year old was in his game room. I went upstairs to push off the one that was triggering near the vent and I saw a haze and smell of something burning up there.

I yelled, “Smoke! Where is the fire?” and proceeded to check every room quickly but nothing! A mild haze and that same smell from downstairs was what greeted me in the upper hallway. I found out later that someone turned the heat way down and so our A/C kicked on and we think that triggered the HVAC fan and it just sucked that cooking smoke (as mild as it seemed downstairs) to the upstairs. Once all clear I open my son’s game room door and asked “How come when I was yelling smoke and where the fire is you opened the door, looked at me and closed your door again?… Why would you not attempt to exit from the far end of the house when alarms sound and someone is yelling?” His answer…

“I think I just thought it was safer to stay behind the closed door when someone yells smoke” Seriously?! We have talked fire plan and he is a smart kid, but in a panic he stayed behind the closed door. I said, “OK! So then once you closed your bedroom door, what did you do so someone would know you are now trapped up here?” Nothing! He had not opened curtains and even had the game controller in his hand and that is when he said, “…well, Mom it smelled like cooking and the alarms go off for every little burn so I assumed it was just you guys cooking”. He assumed it was nothing and closed a door!

fire kit

Alarms really don’t phase kids! What if he were home alone or asleep and “didn’t think it was anything”? That is so dangerous. We have now talked fire safety..again. Now we have an even better system, my voice!

The Early Alert Home Fire Kits are meant to work when smoke alarms won’t phase or wake a child in a fire. It works along with your current home smoke alarms you already have installed to reach the right pitch/sound proven to wake a child 5 times better than the standard alarm sound. Plus, your voice is their reminder of what to do because you record what you need to for them.

Early Alert


  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: The Early Alert Sound Sensor operates with Radio Frequency (RF) technology and works with your home’s existing smoke detectors, not relying on WiFi or BluetoothTM technology, to assure your home is protected at all times. 
  • FASTER ESCAPE: Positioned between your home’s existing smoke detectors, The Early Alert Sound Sensor is triggered by your smoke alarm and activates the Voice Alarm/Speaker simultaneously, bringing the alarm sound closer to where family members can hear it BEFORE the fire reaches the bedrooms. 
  • PERSONALIZED AUDIO: According to the American Journal of Pediatrics, research shows 90% of kids ages 3-14 won’t wake up to the sound of a traditional high-frequency tone alarm within the three minutes necessary before a fire becomes life-threatening. Parents can record their voice for a personalized warning more likely to wake a sleeping child quicker.
  • KEEPING EVERYONE SAFE: The Light-Up Window Beacon accessory (part of the Early Alert Home Kit), lights up when triggered to help first responders know where to locate a baby, an elderly parent or handicapped family member incapable of escaping on their own. An additional accessory is the Pathway Light, which is simply plugged into an outlet in the hallway and works with the signal sensors to light up and indicate which way to escape the house fire. 
fire kits for the family

They also have extra accessories such as window alerts for Fire and EMS who arrive to be alert to which rooms have a child, pet or disabled family member. I have the child kit which means it has the nursery LED window marker. It just plugs into a nearby outlet with a USB connection or into any USB port nearby.

LED fire escape
hallway light

I also have the Escape Path Light. I can plug into my hallway outlet or use batteries or USB end for use if no outlet is nearby. It works with the system to point to the direction of the exit and is great for children and the hearing impaired.

voice alerts for home

With the press of the record button, the voice alarm can sit near your child’s bed or game room and you record the alert message. It will work with the home system and activate as smoke is detected. Studies show a mother’s voice is five times more effective at waking children up in the event of a fire.

Early Alert does not rely on WiFi or BluetoothTM technology, so if your network goes down it won’t be affected. Get your (1), (2), (3) or (4) bedroom Early Alert Home Fire Kits as well as the accessories such as LED window alert and hallway path light today and re-visit that fire talk with the older kids!

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