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Drink your yogurt, Mom! LALA Yogurt Smoothie Giveaway #RealMomRevolution

A gloomy week! School is 2 weeks away and today is about chores and a lunch break. Perhaps my son will play some video games later and then a healthy dinner. In between grocery runs and dinnertime I get to squeeze in a healthy snack for me and nothing is more refreshing in a ‘normal’ house day than a bottle of LALA Yogurt Smoothie. Sometimes it is just about small steps to take big care of your own bodies and health.

LALA Yogurt Smoothies are not only a great on-the-go snack, they offer 5g of protein and are made with real fruit. While I whip up some requested macaroni and left over ham for my son, I get to down my snack and move on with my day. My LALA Yogurt Smoothie also has probiotics – yay for gut health!

You can also join the Real Mom Revolution and share your unfiltered messy Mommy moments. These Real Mom moments have been a hit with actresses like Kristen Bell and Ellen Degeneres. Just share on social media with the hashtag #RealMomRevolution when you are posting those Mommy moments.

Win LALA Yogurt Smoothies!

1 lucky reader will win 8 free 4pks = 32 bottles = a “free month’s worth of smoothies”! Must be a US resident and enter below. Ends on Sept 10, 2019.

LALA Yogurt
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Heather K

I have been known to leave the lid off the blender when making smoothies and milkshakes more than once. At least the dog enjoyed those messy mom mistakes because I did not.

Peggy Nunn

I did not put the lid on the yogurt very well. then I tried to pick it up partially by the lid…. messy.

Candace Galan

I was making pumpkin bread and had just the eggs and oil in the bowl and spilled it all over my stove.

Jessica S

I dropped pizza in the oven and it took so long to get the smell and pizza out of the oven:(!


I dropped a home made cake in the floor right before guests arrived.

Thomas Gibson

As a single dad, I remember my two daughters putting playdough in each other’s hair. That was a challenge to get out.


We once had chocolate fondue. The burner was too high, the chocolate got too hot and it splattered all over and even got on the ceiling!

Christina Gould

I’ve had too many messy moments to count. I’ve dropped entire dinners on the floor at the last minute, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!


The Lala Probiotic Yogurt Smoothie Immune Support Orange Pineapple caught my eye.

Tiffany S

My messy moment was when I dropped a full can of soda in the kitchen and it exploded all over the place.

Darlene Carbajal

My messy moment was when I was carrying a watermelon that was too heavy, I dropped it and it split open.

Maryann D.

I dropped a whole dish of my cats canned cat food all over the floor. It was a mess!

Dana Rodriguez

I dropped a huge pork roast in the floor. It was really bad.

Elizabeth Miller

My messy mom moments was when I forgot eggs were boiling and they exploded all over the kitchen ceiling.

Maryann D.


Susan Smith

I dropped a whole bowl of cake batter. What a mess.

Tony Platz

I dropped my sons birthday cake .I was holding it while he blew out the candles.