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Dressing Your Truth Beauty Profiling Course: My Experience

This is a review for Dressing Your Truth campaign for Entertainment New Media Network

The complete beauty profiling course of Dress Your Truth

I want to share with you my experience using the Dressing Your TruthTM beauty courses. I am going to start with the cost. Why? Because I believe when you see the cost you will immediately want to know what you get for that price and I can start to detail that below then leave you my thoughts about my personal experience with the course. The cost for the Beauty Profile course is FREE! The Dressing Your Truth course is $298 regular ($279 on sale right now). 

What is the difference between the FREE Beauty Profiling course and the Dressing Your Truth course on sale? Let me explain.

Beauty Profile Course Details
  • Free course
  • Discover what beauty Type you are: 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Video corse is divided into 8 parts
  • Profile defines your facial features, body language, thoughts, feeling and personality
  • Course delivered to your inbox for free
  • Also available by paperback or kindle: Discover Your Type of Beauty
  • Live in UT? There are live events available to attend
You will learn your beauty Type and love it. You will find that what you thought were flaws are features that can shine and become fine-tuned to be your best features. You will learn that we all naturally tend to belong to one of the 4 TYPES of beauty. You may find yourself relating to more than 1 Type at first, but by the time you complete the videos, you will have it narrowed down to the most dominant type that fits you. 

I downloaded the Free course. I know my beauty type. Now what?

Everyone has access to the Beauty store where your beauty type is categorized and you can shop for the clothing, accessories and materials that fit your type and will bring out your best feature.

Dressing Your Truth Course

The real next step after knowing your dominant beauty type is to purchase the Dressing Your Truth course. This is the real catalyst in this entire system to help you know how to dress style your hair, color your hair, accessorize and dig so much deeper into your beauty type so you can feel more confident and provide you an easy to follow shopping experience. You will never clothes shop for yourself the same way again!

You will save time and money knowing you are buying the clothing and accessories that bring out your natural features. You will love shopping now and feel even more beautiful as you look at clothing on the store racks a whole new way.

The entire course includes stylists, guides and tutorials to applying makeup, styling your hair and so much more! Over 30 hours of styling guide on video!

One more perk! After you finish the Dressing Your Truth course, you will receive the Discover Your Type of Beauty paperback, 2 customized styling guides and a $10 store credit to buy yourself something beautiful! 

The Dressing Your Truth Course is nothing short of your own personal stylist behind a computer screen! 

My Experience

When the course first started I immediately related to beauty TYPE 2SM and TYPE4SM. I would trade off throughout the course, but 4 would remain the most dominant of the two. By course 5 and the recap I knew I was a beauty TYPE 4. It did feel a bit overwhelmed as it was ultimately defined as Bold and the color palettes for myself were bold colors, but I learned I can stay in the cool shades of bold and as I applied the makeup tips I learned the the Dressing Your Truth course, I found they really did look great and I felt comfortable wearing them. I will never look at clothes the same as I shop for I learned how to look at clothing in respect to colors, textures and fabric that is in my natural style palette. 

This is a great gift to purchase and you can save if you gift the course as well. I would have loved to go through this course in my trendier years-mid 20’s and again right now as Mom and a woman who follows trends before my own natural beauty. As women, we tend to become out of touch with ourselves and we lose who we really are. This course helped bring me back to my natural self and then illuminate my features the right way as shown in live demonstrations by real stylists! I would pay a fortune to hire a stylist and educator and I feel like for under $300, what I got from the course will carry me for a lifetime and I will always reflect back to it as years go by and I begin to feel out of touch again with my true self.

Get started
The Beauty Profile course is free and very informative! Start now!
Disclosure: I was provided the entire system above. All opinions are 100% m own.
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