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Dreft safe baby products offer on-the-go stain removers

This is a promotional post for dreft

We all have the memories of our children as infants and the stains they produce. If veteran mom’s can give any new mom advise, it would probably involve tips of preventing or cleaning up the messes and spills babies and the products they use create! The spit-ups, leaky formula, diapers that didn’t hold, baby food drool are all examples of stains that can occur on baby’s cloths, car seat, stroller and even on Mom or Dad! Dreft understands this and now has on-the-go stain treatment for you to carry!
The Dreft To-Go Instant Stain Remover is a pen you carry with you. At the first sight of a stain or mess, simply grab your stick and pretreat it using the scrubber end. It works for baby foods, milk, diaper messes and spit up stains. Like all Dreft products, the stain remover pen is safe for all colorfast fabrics and will work at any temperature. Dreft takes pride in providing safe, flame-resistant stain fighters and detergents you can use on all of your baby clothing and fabrics. I even use it as a gentle stain-treater for my 6 year old. At any age, I only want safe and gentle products to be used with my boys!
Dreft products make fun gift baskets for new Moms as a holiday idea!. Grab some Dreft products, bibs, cloth diapers and give Mom the products she’ll love and need!
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. All opinion are 100% my own. 

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