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Dream Frenz make comforting gifts for girls and boys

This is a promotional post. I was was sent product for an honest review

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If there is one children’s product that has lasted throughout time, it is plush toys! My son is 7 and still names all of his plush and treats them as if they are real. They travel well and can go anywhere with your child offering independent and imaginary play opportunities. This year, Dream Frenz has the perfect plush gift for your child. These are pillow friends that can be used as a soft pillow or untuck the body for a doll toy. They are sure to become your child’s friend and companion.
There are 10 Dream Frenz characters and more on the way, including a fun sports line! The characters all have large soft heads to be a pillow and bodies that tuck in or out. There are boys, girls, multi-cultural and character varieties.

Dream Frenz is a family product and I love the Inspiration behind these characters:

“Dream Frenz began in the imagination of a young girl, the oldest of three sisters. She always drew characters with big round heads and tiny bodies. One of these sketches is featured above. These drawings inspired her mom to produce a round decorative pillow which became the “head” with a small body that tucks inside. Luckily, the middle sister was taking sewing lessons with a talented instructor who sewed the original Dream Frenz prototypes. One of these prototypes is also featured here. The youngest sister happily contributed by playing with and approving all the Dream Frenz.”

Find your child his or her perfect companion by visiting http://www.dreamfrenz.com/. It is truly precious to watch them connect with their plush toys.

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