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Dove Channel has family-friendly movies to enjoy

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How does TV time work in your home? Do you find it difficult to always monitor your kids and keep up with what shows your children are clicking through? How about when it is time to relax and find a family-friendly show, is it hard to find a great show when you need one? We don’t have many relaxing hours in our day as parents and the Holidays are especially busy so when we get that free time it is always when there is nothing decent to watch or with shows that have the rest of the family fleeing the room as they become uninterested too. 
If you have Apple TV or a Roku (if you don’t have a Roku you need to grab your self one as you have total control on the channels you add to the device), then you have access to the Dove Channel. I am telling you that as a Mom this channel beats them all. It has all the types of family-friendly movies you are looking for from drama, kids, comedy and biblical shows. You get unlimited access for only $4.99 a month. This is a new channel so if you have not heard of it yet, hop online and check it out at
I love browsing some classics I remember as a kid like David and Goliath and Fragile Rock. There were inspirational movies I love and shows for my youngest like Veggie Tales and fun classics like Pippi Longstocking and Babes in Toyland. Our favorite activity is Saturday Night classics where we show my son movies we remember as kids. Now that I have the Dove Channel, I had forgotten about so many classics and can’t wait to get through them all with my son. 
Set up is so easy! Once you tell Apple TV or Roku you want that channel added to your list you will subscribe and have a log in. You should only have to log in initially to the Dove Channel unless you do any reset or change locations of your streaming device. I can just turn on my TV, select my Roku source and click on the Dove Channel and choose a show! Makes a fun gift to any family or a great way to start some movie traditions.
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