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Double chocolate LOVE Cupcakes Recipe

This is a promotional post for Linwoods. I was provided samples

Double Chocolate Love Cupcakes
with Linwoods Ground Flaxseed, Cocoa, Strawberries & Blueberries blend
As the holidays began a few months ago, I was determined to find recipes and ingredients that made my baking taste great but only contain organic and beneficial ingredients. Substituting healthier foods for fatty ones or adding beneficial ingredients can help make eating the sweets a little less guilty feeling. One ingredient I try to sneak into foods for the entire family often is flaxseed. The fiber in flaxseed is so plentiful and great for the digestive system. For this recipe I used the Chocolate Love Cake recipe and tweaked it a tad to make cupcakes and using ingredients I had already. You can find the original Chocolate Love Cake recipe at Linwoods recipe page, but I will leave my exact recipe below.

After I make my cupcake batter, I add 2 TBS of the Linwoods Ground Flaxseed, Cocoa, Strawberries & Blueberries blend. This blend tastes great and packs some fiber and antioxidants into these cupcakes. The seeds are ground so you do not get the seed texture in your cupcakes, They make the cupcakes thick and filling as well as delicious! I also stir 1 tbsp of this blend into cream cheese frosting before I frost the cupcakes for some color to the frosting and added nutrients. You can see the specs from the blend in the icing, but you still get the same icing texture.
Here is my cupcake recipe that is based off of the Linwoods Chocolate Love cake with filling
Linwoods Ground Flaxseed, Cocoa, strawberries & Blueberries blend benefits
  • Oxygen Transport: 2.4mg of iron to help blood carry oxygen to living cells
  • Blood Cholesterol: 30g of thiamin (Vitamin B12) to support energy levels and metabolism
  • Source of Fiber: 86% flaxseed
  • Antioxidant: 1 serving gives you the same antioxidants as 25 portions of fruits and vegetables combined
  • Immunity: 15% of the RDA as zinc
Where to buy Linwoods products

You can get this and other healthy blends at

What foods or recipes would you love to add Linwoods blends to?
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