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Doog Pop-Up Dog Swimming Pool

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Are you ready for summer? The say it will be a hot one here in the Pacific Northwest! Our dogs are non-shedding and so they get hot easily. They will not shed an undercoat however they’re coat isn’t terribly thick to begin with. These dogs will search for shade and a breeze every time we go outside or camp. This summer they have a dog swimming pool and I know it will get used a lot.

The Pop-Up Pet Pool by Doog USA is such a great pool and with 2 dogs running around we have yet to see any punctures or tears. It did take them a bit to realize I did not just gift them a giant water bowl, but on a warm spring day I found Leah standing in it after a wrestling match with her sister to cool off.

This dog swimming pool is a great size for bathing and cooling off. With large dogs and mini breeds may actually be able to swim in the larger sized pools. Our pool is the medium size in the photos. It is available in small, medium and large. Doog has plenty of dog products for summer!

The best part is that it folds right up and can be kept in the included pouch. This is great for when we want to take it camping with us. I know this pool will get set right outside the RV door this summer plenty of times. Our dogs are part Standard Poodle and part Wheaten Terrier so they love the water. In campsites where the water area is not dog-friendly this gives them their water fun.

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