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Don’t go to the gym dehydrated anymore #DrinkDripDrop

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This is a sponsored post fro Drip Drop on behalf of SheSpeaks

You go to the gym and do your typical workout, but today you just don’t feel right! You do the same routine every time you go, but you just hurt worse today than any other days. Why is this? You are fatigued. You are sore and cramping. You are out of breath more than usual and the same routine is giving you a higher pulse rate! You wonder if you are coming down with something. If you take these symptoms of fatigue, cramping and higher heart rate, you are most likely dehydrated! But you drink water and fluid often? The correct amount of liquids is a mathematic equation sometimes…weight divided by 2 times calories burned minus….YIKES! On those tired and fatigued days, make sure you have DripDrop in your gym bag! Regardless of how I feel, I always make my first water bottle of a workout a DripDrop bottle.
DripDrop is a dehydration powder that you add to your water and drink. It is made with medical standards by a Mayo-trained family physician. There is sodium, sugars and potassium. Which brings me to another reason why I use Drip Drop. Have you ever heard of runner’s headaches? I began getting headaches after joining the gym and going 5-6 times a week. I don’t normally get headaches so I put a shout out to my gym friends on why this may be. I was told that possibly I had runner’s headaches which can be rectified by consuming more Potassium as I burn calories. Not enough Potassium can result in headaches. I began to do that with water additives and now I use DripDrop and they are resolved now. If you get this symptom working out or running, consult with your doctor about this possibility and DripDrop can be added to your water to get you those extra electrolytes.
DripDrop is for everyone from children to adults. For children, it is a great way to rehydrate them if dehydrated for any reason. The berry and lemon flavors are delicious. My son loves the lemon-tastes like lemonade. You will not find any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in DripDrop. You also won’t find that sodium was compromised by adding more sugar for taste. You get only the sugar you need as an electrolyte and all the sodium you need as you need it for rehydration and water retention.
A Coupon-click the coupon image below & download actual coupon (do not print the image)!
DripDrop is available at Walgreens, CVS and HEB for about $9.99 for a box of 8.

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was compensated and provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own
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