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Don’t Forget To Include These In Your Kid’s Lunch Box!

It can be hard to pack a kid’s lunch box every day. Not only can you get stuck for ideas, but there are so many foods you should include to ensure they have a delicious and healthy lunch. It can also be expensive when buying food for their lunch box. As we talk about here, you can save money by making a list before you go shopping and checking for vouchers to help you save money. Here are some essential foods you should make sure to include in your kid’s lunch box.





A yogurt is a delicious item that you should pack in your kid’s lunch box. It’s so good for them as it’s full of calcium which will help for their growing bones and their teeth. As it’s full of good bacteria, it’s also excellent for ensuring their digestive system is working properly. It’s also a filling food which will keep them getting hungry during the rest of the school day. There are so many fun yogurts you can get for them to enjoy. You can get ones which are designed in their favorite characters and come in flavors which include strawberry and cherry. They come in a variety of sizes so that they can easily fit in the box. If you don’t want to buy one from the shop, you could always make your own yogurt for your kid. It means you can make it more healthy with less sugar and use fresh fruit to make the delicious yogurt.




A pot of salad is always a good idea to include in your kid’s lunch box. It’s ensuring they are getting some of their essential vitamins if you include tomatoes and cucumber in the pot. Carrot sticks always go down a treat with your kids as well in their lunch box. You could even add quinoa in the salad which is a popular grain. It’s full of nutrients and calcium which is great for growing kids. You can find Hampton Creek News here with ideas for using their mayo product to make a quinoa salad. Remember to include some kind of sauce to make it taste delicious for your kid.




Fruit is also a necessity for ensuring the lunch box is healthy for your child. You should at least add two items of fruit in their lunch box. Grapes and strawberries are an excellent idea for putting in their lunch box as they are so easy to eat and don’t take up much room. They can also snack on them later during their break. You could always make a fruit cocktail for them to enjoy with many different types of fruit. You can buy dried fruit if your kid would prefer to eat this while they are at school. Or you could add them in their yogurt to make it more appealing.




One of the most popular choices for your kid’s lunch box is a sandwich. It’s ensuring they are getting enough carbs in their diet, and it’s a filling idea for a lunch box. Rather than choosing the traditional cheese and ham option, there are so many healthy and fun sandwich ideas you can make for your child. Here are some sandwich options for you to include in your kid’s lunch box including a pickled tuna-salad sandwich. You can also experiment with wraps which your kid will love as they are easy to hold, and you can pack them full of nutrients for your kid.


An egg based food


Another food item you should include in your kid’s lunch box is an egg based food. Eggs are so good for your children as they are full of vitamins, proteins, and good fats. As discussed here, you can add egg products such as a mini quiche or frittata. It’s something your kid will love trying as it’s different to the typical sandwich option.


Nuts and seeds


You should be including some kinds of seeds and nuts in your kid’s lunch box to enjoy. These are vital for your kid’s diet as they are full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are so easy to snack on during the day, so that they can have them on their breaks as well. You can get many small boxes which are full of different nuts and seeds for them to enjoy. Don’t forget to add some raisins for your kids as well. They are one of the top snacks for kids, and they are healthy as well!




If you’re looking for something fun, but healthy, for your kid’s lunch box, you should be adding some jelly to their lunch box. You can get some great little pots which will fit nicely in your kid’s lunch box. Jellies are ideal for boosting your kid’s immune system. You can also make your own jelly to ensure it’s healthy for your child.


Some form of cheese


You should not forget to include some form of cheese in your kid’s lunch box. Although a lot of cheese is not healthy for your kid, a small piece of cheese is ideal to ensure they are getting enough calcium. In fact, Kraft’s singles have been recommended to be consumed by children by dieticians in the US. Therefore, you should include some form of cheese in your child’s lunch box.


A sweet product


As long as you have included lots of healthy foods in your kid’s lunch box, it’s fine to add a sweet product. A delicious muffin would be a fantastic choice for your kid’s lunch box, or a flapjack would also go down a treat. It will ensure your child gets enough sugar in their diet to keep their energy up while they are at school. It will also mean they eat the rest of their lunch box so they can quickly get to the delicious treat at the end.


Don’t forget to add a drink such as a bottle of water for your kid to enjoy while they eat their lunch! Hopefully, these tips will ensure your kid’s lunch box is healthy and delicious.


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