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Don’t forget the adult first aid kit when traveling

This is a promotional post for First Aid Shot Therapy. Opinions are my own

Preparing for a family trip can be so exciting, yet stressful at the same time. The closer we get to the trip, our to-do list suddenly explodes. We have so much to do and so much to remember and add that to the stress of feeling you are going to forget to do something or forget to remember someone while packing! We travel often and when school is out, my son and I may hop off for a few days to travel with my husband for his work and hang in hotel swimming areas and roam town while he works the days just to get away. We also bought a Toy Hauler this year to camp more often as we decided tent camping was no longer for us! Due to my countless hours I spend each year preparing for getaways with a 7 and 17 year old, I have a book full of tips and tricks I use!
Of all the tricks I use, there is one, in particular, I will share with you in this post as I introduce you to a new quick-acting pain relief from F.A.S.T. labs here in the USA called First Aid Shot Therapy. The only way to beat travel stress is preparation and planning in advance. If you do not travel often, you may tend to wait closer until the trip as you may not quite be sure what you can do ahead of time with ease. Of course there are common activities you want to do several days before you leave home-schedule stop mail, get the laundry caught up, call the pet sitter, notify your bank you will be using credit cards in an unfamiliar location, confirm flight or hotel travels and shop for travel necessities you need. However, there is one thing I don’t ever have to do because it is always done and ready for any moment-pack a first aid kit only for travel!
I have a cupboard in my bathroom with all first aid products in there from bandaids to aspirin and allergy meds. I also keep 2 travel first aid bags-one for adults and one for the kids. Why do I have 2 sets of travel kits? Because we travel often, I can skip the step of grabbing from my cupboard to pack up then unpack when home. I grab it, stick it in the car, luggage or trailer and go! And keeping an adult & kids travel first aid kit separately is so handy when you can easily access the kids meds or character bandaids when needed!
I like to find multi-purpose OTC medications to save room and First Aid Shot Therapy can cover a wide range of ailments from headache, pain, muscle aches, hangovers and even heartburn, indigestion, sour stomach, nasal congestion, cough and sore throats! Throw some shot therapy in the first aid bag and buy extra to keep in the home cupboard and you will always be covered.
Another great benefit to keeping First Aid Shot Therapy in your adult first aid kit is that you have no pills to swallow (so no need to stop for some water), just drink a shot and move on! You get the fast relief that comes with liquid medication and the flavors are great. Depending on the ailment, you get berry, chocolate & peppermint, blueberry & menthol and citrus flavors. You can find these at Safeway, HEB or on Amazon.
So get your home first aid cupboard organized and find 2 small totes so you can pack the adult and kid travel first aid kit! Yes, that means you double up on some products, but it is so handy it is worth it and get travel size for the travel kit when you can! First Aid Shot Therapy bottles are under 2 oz so they come well below TSA liquid luggage guidelines to take with you if flying.
Visit to learn more and look for these in a store near you!
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