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Donating to charity is easy with Giving Assistant

This is a sponsored post for Giving Assistant on behalf of Moms Affiliate

Even those of us with the best intentions may find it hard to choose and remember to always find ways to give back. I love to give back, but if I think of the past few times I have donated time or items, it was when I was asked. There are so many websites and advertisements that it gets overwhelming to narrow down where and when we can help best! Giving Assistant has made donating to charity so easy! Once you take a few seconds to register at Giving Assistant, you simply use them as a portal to the sites you shop at. The retailers you can use through Giving Assistant offers you cash back on your purchase total and you can set up which charity gets your savings and how much they get of it! So easy and quick!

How does it work?

I had an item I needed to oder off of Amazon for our new toy hauler and I followed the easy steps to assure my charity of choice gets my rewards. 
  • Head to Giving Assistant and register-it’s free and easy!
  • In settings, choose a charity and how much of your savings you would like donated (see graphic below on how I have mine set to Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County at a 100% give back rate.
  • Find your retailer (if a partner) and head to the site via Giving Assistant
  • Shop, check out and you have donated!
My first graphic below shows my charity remarks and the second graphic shows my Amazon order noted within seconds of me checking out! You will leave the Giving Assistant page and shop as it would normally appear at the retail site, but as long as you went to that retailer via Giving Assistant it will know you are a member and the two sites will communicate at checkout! The savings will take some time to appear but you know that your account is noted. Because sometimes Amazon is a bit slow to report to the site and that is the retailer I used, I contacted the Giving Assistant customer service who was very prompt in replying to tell me they too have to wait for confirmation sometimes, but that it is noted and was done correctly. They also even alerted me to an error I had on my set up. They were so great to work with when I needed to make sure I was set up ok.

Charity’s are paid quarterly so you will see the amounts accumulating for your charity and they will be paid out four times a year. Giving Assistant uses Strip for processing so your information is always secure and never shared with third parties. 

You are shopping anyway, now you can become a charity donor! Plus, for every coupon used, a meal is donated to a needy family in America thanks to the Feeding America charity. There is no cost to you and you may even find some great promo codes as you search for retailers through this site and shop!

Get started today:
I used for this shop. I also have been browsing at Just visit such pages and click ‘Activate Cash back Now’ in the upper right to start shopping and donating!

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