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Donate money, get money at Cousara

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What is Causora?
  • A widget for your blog or go directly to
  • For every $20 donation made through your link, you get $20 reward dollars back to use at many socially conscious merchants
  • You choose the charity of choice
  • Widget is customizable by size and charity recipient
  • Easy to install into your sidebar

As Blogger’s, we have the power to reach thousands of people. We all want to put a little meaning int our sites and this is a great way to start a new trend. Readers can know that when they visit our Blogs they have access to an easy way to donate a few dollars. I started the trend and hope you follow too! It is free and easy to set up! 
Take a look at my sidebar and visit my charity of choice: That National Coalition Against Domestic Violence…a cause very close to me. I am a Domestic Violence survivor myself and would be so grateful for any donations or at least a visit to the charity page! 

Charity dollar details: 90% goes to the nonprofit, 3.5% to you, 2.9% to the credit card company and 3.5% of donations made are used by Causora to keep our systems up and running and to ensure we can continue keeping the donations flowing to the charities.
This is a sponsored post that I am proud to promote. All opinions are 100% my own.

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