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#DOMORE this summer with Degree MOTIONSENSE at Walgreens

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Global Influence 

Before I give you some details on the campaign that Degree MOTIONSENSE & Walgreens has paired up to do, I want to send a huge thank you to Portugal! If you do not follow the World Cup, you have no clue what I am talking about, do you? We played a tough team last week and lost 1-0. In some sports series a loss in a playoff means you are out, but not in our case Round 1 in the World Cup. We lost, but because Portugal beat Ghana, it shut Ghana out advancing the US into Round 2 where we get that second chance. I live near Seattle, Wa and we are huge Seattle Sounder fans. I am so excited to see Dempsey play the way he is and representing our US as the soccer superstar he is. Yedlin even made a debut last game from our Sounders and did great even though he never was a part of the pre-cup training. We have an amazing coach and due to our Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, Seattle is fired up and ready to embrace its Sounders team. You can imagine the pride around my area as Dempsey continues to play his heart out scoring big for our US. We were walking Hollywood Blvd with our boys that day US played Portugal on vacation and we stopped at a outdoor bar to watch and were glued to our ESPN updates. We wouldn’t miss our team for anything.

I am so proud to to be a part of any campaign that honors our soccer players. I am not just a World Cup fan, I am a soccer fan. Sadly, soccer has died a bit of a slow death in our country and lately I see the sport making a comeback and it has me so excited. Just come to Sounder game one day in Seattle and you will leave a soccer fan forever. That is a common comment made here in Seattle.

What a better brand and retailer then Degree and Walgreens to team up and support our US soccer team. Degree wants you to DO: More this summer and stay active. It’s OK, you can get out in that hot sun, run and sweat those calories away because Degree MOTIONSENSE has you covered. What does Degree MOTIONSENSE do? It releases extra protection when you move. Pretty smart, eh? It will meet the active demands of men and women leaving you cool and confident for (get this) 48 hours! Our bodies are designed to move, they do not treat us well when we sit still. Don’t let odor and sweat prevent you from feeling you can get out this summer and DO:MORE! 

Are you a World Cup fan? Head over to where you will find a site so full of spirit, you will feel that next win from your team happening before the game even starts! At my house, we are Dempsey proud and US strong! Go US!

What are you waiting for? Head to Walgreens, pick up some Degree MOTIONSENSE and #DOMORE!

This is a sponsored post
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