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Domestic Violence Awareness: Alicia’s Story

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I wanted to share this guest post from Alicia. Alicia owns 2 Blogs: as well as Please stop by and support her Blogs!

How to let go of an abusive relationship or marriage

tried to make things work for 2 years in marriage counseling, but he wasn’t trying to change – he only did what was asked to act like he was. I knew in the end, it’d likely end with me having to leave in one way or another with my kids. I wish I would have listened to people and left when I was pregnant with #2 in 2008 before I married him, because I wouldn’t have to deal with all the turmoil. 

I don’t really know how to say to let go of a marriage when you have been determined for 5 1/2 years to make it work, even though abuse is never right. I dealt with a lot of it in the 5 yrs. I finally gave up caring, last Monday night – August 30. I told him that I am completely done with anything to do with him, and that I tried and gave my all and it got us no where, because he doesn’t love or care about me deep down, and his actions show that. I cancelled the counseling appointment I had made for us, back in July. He wasn’t happy when I said that, but he has had 2 years and 3 months to change his ways and other things that have occurred since June 2013, and he has yet to do anything to make it a better marriage or relationship. 

Talking and being together is pointless if you’re only going to go forward with divorce and move on in life. Not in the aspect of anyone else – that won’t happen for YEARS if that. I am content being alone with my kids, they make me happy in life and my job I love. I am filing divorce in June 2014 and will be entitled to half of all we bought as married couple. I only want 5 – 10 things or so in the house and one big item. That will be filed then, and be final by October 2014. 

This post was written by myself for the Month long campaign 3SonsHaveI is promoting for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. To read all the posts, donate or enter giveaways related to this campaign, CLICK HERE!

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