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Dollop Pillow- the World’s First Personalizable Pillow

I can’t tell you the trigger, but several years ago I experienced a sudden neck seize. I was sitting up from our rcouch and felt a pop in my neck. 11 Physical Therapy appointments later I got my full range of motion back in my neck. It was so painful and I remember it hit before taking my stepson to school and the drive was excruciating! I never really knew how much I used my neck muscles to drive until I could not turn my head.

Turns out I have a slipped disc and a nerve issue in my shoulder. Doctors think I pinched my shoulder nerve and because of my neck condition it went into protective mode and seized. It has happened about once a year since.

customize pillow

The trigger for pain in my neck is my night’s sleep. If I am on the wrong pillow or forget my pillows when traveling it is days of pain and being very careful not to do sudden neck movements or I risk my neck strain again. You can imagine how many pillows I have tried! The Dollop Pillow is designed to perfectly custom-fit the pillow to you, so it fits you just right.

head spport

It took some playing around with it a few nights as it suggests. I finally found my sweet spot with this pillow and that is the pads at my shoulders (direction) and taking out one pad level. You can unzip the covers to use the inserts and omit or keep them to your comfort level.

cervical pillow

The Dollop Pillow has an ergonomically designed center cavity and cervical contour. It comes with a cooling insert with when paired with the open-cell breathable Marshmallow foam, you can feel cooling comfort all night long. Visit Dollop to learn more

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Ryan Song

Please provide an update on Kickstarter there are plenty of annoyed people over there.


The Dollop pillow unfortunately is a scam. I backed through Kickstarter and no product has been delivered no updates from the creator for months. Don’t waste your money buying online you will never get the product.