Dole Dippers are real frozen fruit in dark chocolate

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

New Dole Dippers

I was at my local Safeway where I found the new Dole Dippers and we had to try all 3. My son could only wait as long as the walk to the car on that hot day and he tore into one of the boxes. He chose to taste the banana flavor first. He bit into it and I heard a “Wait! Hmmm…” and then he excitedly said “Mom! You have to see this! That is a real banana piece under this chocolate!” 

Dole dippers are new and I found these with the frozen fruit, not the ice cream in the freezer section. You get the fresh dole fruits covered in a dark chocolate coating and frozen for those hot summer days. Each box has 6 packs that contain 4 fruit halves and each flavor is under 100 calories a serving.
You can find these at many grocers and each pouch has just the right amount of sweetness for a cool snack.

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