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Dog Whistle Set for easy training

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

I have a new Granddog! His name is Cam and our son really lucked out with this puppy. He is 10 months old and a lab/blue heeler mix. He is such a great dog-stays nearby and has no potty accidents. I would say he isn’t even a chewer, but he is obviously more comfortable in his new home and chewed up his first iPhone charger! As great of a Dog out in the open as he is, my son still wanted a training system just for those moments he may wander off while hiking or outdoors-he is still only a puppy and behaviors can change. So he started Cam with the Dog Whistle Set by PetVitalix. We were able to get it right from Amazon and it is a Prime qualifier.
I have to say that at first we had zero response to the whistle. He was outdoors and would not even turn to look. We did not give up-we then watched the video and learned that some Dog’s must just respond only to certain pitches. We finally found one that was right for him. He is not as sensitive to it as I hear other dog’s are so it may be a frustrating training for him however he is so well behaved as it is, perhaps its just the method not needed and not the whistle.
However, We are so happy to have this for hikes and long runs. If he were to run off or separate, we now know the right pitch and feel comforted having this with us to use as a signal. It stays nearby and is a great tool when out in unknown territory. If you first get this and appear to have no reaction from your dog, don’t give up! Watch the video-it is very informative and learn to use it. This is more than just whistle blowing but a learned system and can see for hard-to-train dog’s how well this could work!
If you need an easy to use training method to call or command to your dog of any age or size, this Dog Whistle Set is a great tool. Makes a great gift for a new dog owner! Find the Dog Whistle Set on Amazon.

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