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Doctor On Demand Service and Savings

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It’s often a Sunday night when all clinics are closed and the other kids are in bed when some medical emergency decides to arise. It’s just the way those stubborn medical issues work. I remember when my 7 year old was barely 2 and he had what appeared to be a cold. He spent the end of the week and weekend with a stuffy nose and a bit cranky. Then on a Sunday night about 7pm after his bath time I heard wheezing and his back was raspy as he breathed. I called the on-call number for our Doctor and got an answering service who took a message. I had to wait by my phone to be called back. It was hoops like contacting the Dr. and pulling up his file before I could talk to him. He asked if it was possible to put my phone to his chest and mouth-he really wanted to hear his wheezing. He heard it well enough and based on a phone microphone had us run to a pharmacy for Albuterol to add to his nebulizer. 

Today I see a service like Doctor On Demand and think of that frightful night with my baby and how much easier on us it would be to sit at a computer and within 3 minutes be connected to a Physician who can see my son and hear him breath for a more confident solution for him. I would have slept so much easier that night! My son ended up fine and come Monday morning I brought him in so they can physically check on him. I could of avoided all the wait and possibly the need to drive in to the clinic had I had this service for ourselves.

The Physicians you meet through Doctor On Demand can diagnose and treat many conditions such as the issue my son had that long Sunday night. They can diagnose allergies & asthma, acne and other skin issues as well as provide prescription refills when you forget to call your Dr. on time for that necessary medication. This service is fast, convenient and a comfortable way to speak to a board-certified Physician or Psychologist from your home via any web-enabled device. Many insurances may cover the entire fee or part of it, but it is affordable anyway. Medical visits are $40 or less.

Save on your first visit

Keep this code handy as you can save $10 on your first visit to Doctor On Demand by using my promo code: HEALTHY10. 

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