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Do you know when to change your Furnace & Air Filter? FilterSnap will remind you!

This is a promotional post for FilterSnap. Opinions are my own

There are so many reminders we need to keep up on. Changing smoke detector batteries twice a year, changing toothbrushes four times a year, changing car fluids, changing the clocks forward and backwards and then there is everyday life and our ever changing calendars! It is hard to keep up and now I am talking to you about changing your air/furnace filters. Do you know when you should be changing these? Even I had to look up this answer and be told, after all I have a husband who is supposed to remember these things, right? FilterSnap can help.
The ideal air filter change should be changed every 3 months! Staying on a 3 month schedule will save you up to 15% off unnecessary energy drain costs and keeps the air in your home at a healthy allergen-protection level. So I asked my husband if we have changed the air filter since moving in almost 2 years ago. He says he did-a few months ago and we tracked back to almost 4 months ago as to when it was he replaced our furnace filter (he says it was replaced when he had time off for a trip we took in January). Here is what 4 months looked like…..
I promise you, it was not grey when we installed this one. Look at it now! When is the last time you changed that filter that brings you the air you breathe?

Great! One more thing to remember to do! This is where FilterSnap comes in. Once you head to, you can create a schedule that means you are sent the filters you would run to a store to buy anyway and have them sent to you. It is that easy-tell FilterSnap filter size (you’ll find it on your existing filter), and select the filter quality you’d like (basic, standard or ultimate) and the replacement schedule (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months). They will arrive at your door as your reminder it is time to change the filter. One less schedule you need to keep up on! FilterSnap will remind you! The quality of these filter are described on their Our Filter page. It will only cost you $16-$24 per filter every 3 months! No guessing the last time it was changed, no higher energy costs running an overused filter, no trips to the hardware store and always fresh air in your home. 


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