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DIY Baby toy cleaners

Boy biting toy

Has your world changed since you had your baby? This is just the beginning of it. It won’t stop changing soon. Having a baby makes more people aware of their surroundings and environment. For example, many people change what they eat and start preparing more healthy food for their families, and same people start thinking about what they clean at home with.

Especially when there is a baby in the picture that also has things that need regular cleaning. You can’t just use all of your old chemical cleaning products to clean your baby’s teether, right? Of course you can’t. But do not worry, there is a very simple and efficient alternative to making yourself a home-made baby toys cleaning product.

Plus once you made yourself an all-natural cleaning product for your baby’s toys, you can actually use it to clean your home as well, and have a peace of mind that your entire home environment is perfectly safe for your family and baby.

There are some very simple recipes which you can DIY for a perfectly safe baby toy cleaner. Your baby toys mostly sit on the ground or in various places When the baby starts putting everything in their mouth the toys also get covered in saliva. That is why you should always have a cleaner handy.

1) The easiest one is to mix equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, add 6-7 drops of essential tea tree oil, and shake well. You can spray it directly on the toys and wipe them with a cloth. This will not only clean the toys but also disinfect them, thanks to the antiseptic qualities of the tea tree oil.  And you can use this spray to clean the toys that have batteries or any other mechanics, and cannot be soaked in water.

2) A disinfectant is also easy to make. All you are going to need is some rubbing alcohol, water and an essential oil of your choice. Mix equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol, again in a spray bottle, you can add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice, to give it a nice scent, or not. Spray the toys and let them sit for a few minutes. Then simply rinse them and let them dry. The rubbing alcohol will kill all germs and bacteria, leaving your baby’s toys safe.

3) For wooden toys it will be safe to simply use a cloth soaked with white vinegar and wipe them down from time to time, to keep them clean.

4) And of course the stuffed animals – they collect dust, dust mites, and all kinds of bad things. Most of them you can simply put into your washing machine, if the label says it’s okay. But make sure you use a baby laundry detergent, or just add a cup of white vinegar to the rinsing cycle. CarpetCleaningPrice Islington guarantees this will clean and disinfect your baby’s stuffed toys.

You can also use a mild dish soap to soak some of the plastic toys your baby has in a bucket with water, and scrub them with a toothbrush or a sponge. Rinse and you are done.

Whichever of these baby toys cleaners you decide to DIY, you can use in your everyday cleaning routing for the rest of your house too.

Go ahead and make yourself these DIY baby toy cleaners and be sure that your baby’s toys are safe. All new parents have the same struggles, so remember that you are not alone in this. When it comes to our babies health we can never be too careful.


-Emma Hamilton

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