DITTO and RAEN Cobalt wants to know how Blue makes you feel

This is a sponsored post for DITTO on behalf of Mom’s Affiliate

Normally I would write you a post that talks about a new line of eyewear from a high quality brand that is available on a popular eyewear site, but this post introduces the RAEN new Cobalt collection in a bit of a fun way. RAEN wants you to know that ‘blue is the new black’. Our eyes are one of the greatest senses. Without sight we miss half of what we know. To never know the sight of your child or the environment around you from a car window or plane ride would leave you with some different perspectives than you do with sight. I live in the beautiful Pacific NW in Washington state and blue to me is water, air and new beginnings.
What do you see in the photo below? Do you see a mountains, trees, snow? Do you see landscape or a scenic drive? What you are looking at has a story of new beginnings. I will explain.
We love to take day trips and we live just below Stevens Pass. The other side of this pass has a very popular town know as Leavenworth. A Bavarian town full of fun buildings and shops. No matter the time of year, we grab our sunglasses to take the drive. If it is not the sun at the top of the pass on a summer day, it is the snow reflection that gets us without proper eyewear as we drive. This photo was taken by me on such a day trip to Leavenworth this month as we drove over the mountains. There are small towns near this location that were devastated by one of our State’s worst forest fires in years in July. The Carlton-Complex fire burned over 256,000 acres and consumed 300 homes and structures. Families we knew were effected and some towns were a total loss. If I were to show you a colored picture, the blackened trunks would stand out as vibrant as they did on our drive for many miles. If I add a hint of blue, you see snow and trees. The wreckage is diminished. Is it not amazing how in total destruction some trees stand and some lost their vegetation? 
Blue means air-the sky on summer days. The sky can bring warmth and ocean swimming or it can carry winds to fuel fires. Blue is water that can offer life to many species or be used to save a forest and homes and blue is new beginnings as even in destruction, some things refuse to die. The trees you see with vegetation did not become victims of Carlton-Complex. They still stand offering oxygen and floor vegetation around the new growth that will now occur in place of trees that were damaged. Animals can return for some nutrients and the land still has life. 
The popular tourist town of Leavenworth was spared but barely. The town was shut down during normal busy summer months and smoke became a sight for weeks. Had I turned around 90 degrees and snapped this photo, you would see bare trees and burnt hillside. Behind me is a busy street filled with shoppers dining and browsing. The only memory of the fire for many is the evidence as they sled, shop and enjoy the town. Weeks of horror and devastation and in the end a river runs through it!
As you browse the new cobalt collection of RAEN eyewear at DITTO, pick a style that inspires you. Think about what blue means to you and decide how you will look through the glasses. What will the color blue show you as you take your walks, enjoy the beach or go for a car ride through the mountains. Eyewear protects and even offer sight for all of us. It is more than a style, it is perspective.

Find a new pair of perspective today at DITTO-RAEN cobalt selection. Available in select styles and sizes to fit your desired eyewear fit.

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