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Discoveries from our Seattle ferry boat ride

One of our favorite things to do where we live is to drive into Seattle and take the ferry over to the other side of the sound. Last week we ferried over to Bainbridge Island and visited a local Casino buffet my son loves because they have different shrimp and seafood. I don’t have a normal seven year old-mine loves sushi, crab salads, queso and broccoli, etc. On this trip it finally hit me ust how much he really experiences while on the short ride over. So I took not of every curiosity and attention on this trip and will share our discoveries from our Seattle ferry boat ride.
Let me add I had not prepared to take photos so I was only equipped with my cell phone on a cloudy day.
How many people can fit on that boat?
The ferry terminal is in line with many Cruise Terminals. It is not an uncommon site and he knows these are cruise ships, but we have yet to take a Cruise-ever! We love to guess what activities there are and where the ship may be going next. Alaska? Canada? Mexico?
I want a picture on the ferry with Mom and Dad!
We did it! My husband will dodge a camera no matter how slick I am, but I did it! I caught him on camera. My son couldn’t stop laughing-“…you did it, Mom!” Shhh…we have not told him and it’s going on the blog (heehee)!

I wonder what would happen if someone dropped their phone down there?
Well, we can only assume some have and easy to assume what happens next…”…they have to buy new phones!” Then he asks what would happen if you jump over to get it. “We may never find the phone…or you again!” Don’t advise that!

Mom, I’m hungry!
I don’t actually think he was hungry. I think it’s just some novelty to visit a ferry boat cafe! But, we bought and munched on a granola bar. Then we flicked crumbs at each other, thoroughly annoying those behind me I am sure!

What is that boat?
We had a little discussion on how shipping ports and international shipping works. He now knows toys are not made AND sold inside Toys R Us. Those toys come from other places and brought to stores to be put on sale.

He can stare at those wakes forever! He thinks one day a shark will appear in them!

Mom, look! I can see myself in the window
I had to get that on camera! He could not stop posing and testing out different reflection poses in the window! Some angles were more clear than others.

The busy city looks so quiet and peaceful! I love the view of Seattle from the water!

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